In popular culture, great attention is paid to the Illuminati’s belief that money is not bad. Some consider our encouragement to work and wealth as a promotion of selfishness which neglects the true meaning of the Pyramid and its underlying messages which motivate our diligence.

In the principles of the Illuminati, wealth is not simply a means of personal enrichment. Instead, money is a tool that can be used to fulfill everyone’s duty to the progress of the human race.

The selfish search for money is a hollow goal, but the search for the kindness that money can create is one of the greatest responsibilities of humanity.
The more money someone has, the more they have the capacity to make a positive difference in the lives of those who need it. If you are poor and kind-hearted and your friend’s house is burned down, you will remain a good person but you do not have the capacity to help him with what he needs most. If the same house is burning but you are wealthy, you can give your friend a home and a new home because you have more than enough for yourself and everyone around you who needs it.

Money has no feeling, no voice and no soul, its choice between good and evil is decided by those who use it.
While it is not wrong to be poor, the celebration of poverty is rooted in selfishness. A poor person can save a life, but a rich person can build a hospital and save ten thousand. The poor can do little to help the poor, but the rich can help as much as they can. If a person is rich, he has the opportunity to do good, but if he is poor, he cannot help anyone other than themselves.

Those who have little can still do a lot. Money is just paper and numbers exchanged for a person’s time and effort. Therefore, if a person has no money, they can instead use their time and efforts to promote the advancement of humanity – positive actions that have equal value to any charitable donation.

The greater the fortune of a person, the greater his responsibility towards his fellow men. Like the Pyramid, those with the most power can do the most good for the greatest number of those below them.


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