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opening an Illuminati account now at 50,000

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A Member Ship Now At 50,000ugx

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Occults (100,000)


This section works only for those who own personal businesses in improve and boost on there daily income, nothing much is required:


BrotherHood (360,000)


For those who are dealing in the entertainment industry this is the option for you to be successful, join now and gain the benefits:

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Free Mason (600,000)


The free masons are tricky most of the times, it will not be easy for anyone to easily join this part unless you are tempted to do hard attempts of your life, This sector favors most, those dealing in politics, leader ship, government, president e.t.c:

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Illuminati Societies


These are the societies that illuminati uganda agents will provide to you if you are willing to join

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Free Mason
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